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From our Friend, Mr. Alan Shawn Feinstein...


I frequently receive letters from some of our Jr. Scholars, as well as occasionally from parents, asking many questions about me. So I thought I would answer them in this general letter, which I hope you will share with your teachers and students and send home with them for their parents.

I was born in Boston, I got a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston Teachers College and began my teaching career in Mansfield, Mass. I spent a year with my wife, Pat, a doctor, in Thailand (her homeland) where I taught English and wrote three books for children and had a book written about me.

I came to Rhode Island when my wife was offered a position at Bradley Hospital and I taught school in Bristol (three years) while starting a financial newsletter that later reached over 300,000 subscribers, and a newspaper column that was published in many newspapers throughout the world. I retired in 1996 to devote my full time and money to philanthropy – helping the needy and starting a school ‘good deeds’ program to show children how they can a positive difference in the world.

A philanthropist is someone who uses their money to help other people. When I made money, that’s what I decided to do – to use it to help people and schools in need so they could help other people, too.

The money I give to our schools and helping the needy comes from the money I earned when I was writing my newsletter and from investing in the stock market. My son, Ari and daughter, Leila now live in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. I have four grandchildren, Louis, Arielle, Chaya and Sakai. I wish they could visit our schools with me but they live so far away and have only been able to do it once.

Feinstein Jr. Scholars are known for their good deeds throughout the country through our annual national campaign to fight hunger – whereby we give money away to anti-hunger agencies in every state for them to use as a spur for their fund raising. Over 2 million people nationwide contribute to their local anti-hunger agencies each year from the Feinstein Challenge which has become the most successful ongoing campaign ever to fight hunger, raising over now in its 14th consecutive year, $1.2 Billion to help feed the needy. We also contribute to many other charitable organizations helping the needy. We are planning to spread our ‘Good Deeds’ program to schools nationwide.

You can usually see me on the weekends and school vacations at the Carousel Village in Roger Williams Park where all my Jr. Scholars are welcome to ride the Carousel free and get free popcorn and a golden service pin, too. I am very proud of all my Feinstein Jr. Scholars for all the good deeds they do for others. That is why I share my money and time with them – encouraging them to make a positive difference in the world by doing good deeds for others. Every good deed they do makes the world a better place.

I started my charitable Foundations – The Feinstein Foundation and the Feinstein Family Fund – all with my own money. I do not ask for donations to our Foundation though, we may in the future. My funds have established scholarships for our Jr. Scholars at most Rhode Island colleges. The colleges decide which applicants get our scholarships. Every Jr. Scholar should be sure to note that they are Feinstein Jr. Scholars on their college application when their time comes to apply for college – as that should not only help them in the size of the financial aid offer they will be offered at Rhode Island college but may also help them at other colleges throughout the country.

All my Jr. Scholars are very dear to me and I hope, when I am no longer here, that they continue their good deeds and, someday, tell their children to do so, too.

When your teachers and I are gone, I hope you will carry on for us.

Alan Shawn Feinstein
Spring 2011

Did your child lose his/her Feinstein Jr. Scholar Card?
For students at JBF: Simply let your child's classroom teacher know.  The teacher will help you get a replacement.

For students at schools in RI other than JBF: Please contact your own school's Feinstein Jr. Scholar coordinator or your school's main office. We are sorry, but JBF cannot assist in getting a Feinstein Jr. Scholar card for a student at a school other than JBF.

Would you like to contact Mr. Feinstein? 
To correspond with Mr. Feinstein directly, please write to him at the following address:

Mr. Alan Shawn Feinstein
37 Alhambra Circle
Cranston, RI  02905

Remember, Mr. Feinstein loves to hear about your good deeds!